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making news on this thursday, september 9th. >> severe storms. tropical weather still whipping through the heartland. floodwaters sweeping away cars, as multiple tornadoes touch down. moving ahead. the man planning to build an islamic center near ground zero says moving the mosque could make america less safe. and consumers have spoken. who really makes the nation's best burger?
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and good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. tropical storm hermine has broken up. but it is not done wreaking havoc. >> hermine's latest chaos, tornadoes around dallas. funnel clouds landed into buildings and power lines, casting off debris and electrical sparks. >> the rain is moving in a northeasterly direction, toward illinois. and it will continue to clobber the area with heavy flash flooding. brad wheelis has details. >> reporter: the water rose so quickly, emergency responders used whatever means necessary to get to people in need. >> i'm so thankful they were here to save us. my boyfriend told me to get on the roof. and i did. they put me in the vest and got me across. >> reporter: residents were trapped on roofs and balconies after flash floods turned roads into rivers. the remnants of tropical storm hermine, drenched dallas, austin and san antonio.
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10 to 20 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. >> it's been very hard for the people that live here. and very scary for the family. >> reporter: cars were barely visible above the water. homes were islands. schools were evacuated. even pets needed help to reach dry land. one woman was forced to abandon her minivan, wading through waist-deep water. the abc affiliate teamed with emergency crews, flying their news helicopter to the scene to assist with rescues. wednesday night, what's left of hermine spawned several tornadoes, including one close to downtown dallas. from here, the storm is marching north. much of the midwest will feel the storm's wrath by the end of the week. brad wheelis, abc news. the wildfire burning near boulder is now the worst in colorado history. at least 135 homes have been burned to the ground. and several others have been damaged by the fire.
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four people remain unaccounted for. thousands of residents are spending the night away from home. but many of them may be allowed to return today. the imam behind that planned mosque at ground zero is warning that moving the facility to a different location, would inflame extremists and endanger americans. in an interview with cnn, the imam said if his plans would spark so much controversy, he may have chosen a different location. the tax cut battle between president obama and republicans is now getting personal. he has taken his message to ohio, which happens to be the home state of a leading gop lawmaker. jake tapper reports. >> reporter: president obama came to cleveland, ohio, to kick off election season. >> we have business to do today. >> reporter: using the same themes that worked two years ago to contrast himself from republicans. >> unity instead of division. hope instead of fear. it's still fear versus hope.
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the past versus the future. that's what this election is about. that's the choice you will face in november. >> reporter: one, major choice is about the bush tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of the year. president obama wants to extend them for everyone who earns under $200,000 a year. or $250,000 for families. republicans want to extend them for everyone, including wealthy americans. >> what that will do is help small businesses, who have no clue what the coming tax rates are going to be. gives them some rtainty. >> reporter: the president has been going after house minority leader, john boehner, for days now. >> the republican who thinks he's going to take over as speaker -- [ crowd reacts ] >> i'm just saying, that's his opinion. >> reporter: the president mentioned himg by names, eight times. >> mr. boehner. mr. boehner. mr. boehner. mr. boehner. >> reporter: he's trying to make boehner, a republican house leader during the bush years, his de facto republican
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opponent. seizing on a speech he made just two weeks ago. >> there's no new ideas. it was the same philosophy that we had already tried during the decade they were in power. >> reporter: the president was full of praise for some republicans. eisenhower, lincoln, reagan, all of whom are dead. he called them great leaders. suggesting that the current crop of republican leaders is not. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. we will get more of president obama's take on the tax cut issue in a special interview with george stephanopoulos, coming up on "good morning america." as the nation struggles with some bitter divisions over the economy, foreign policy and wars overseas, secretary of state hillary clinton says it's time to seize what she calls a new american moment. in a major speech to the council on foreign relations, clinton said we must try striking a balance to avoid sending a, quote, weakness internationally. >> i think the world is counting on us, today, as it has in the past. when old adversaries need an
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honest broker or fundamental freedoms need a champion, people turn to us. >> clinton added that the obama administration's diplomatic approach to foreign policy is already paying dividends. she pointed to new middle east peace talks and ambitions to curb nuclear ambitions in iron and north degree. critics are blasting the bp report on the gulf oil disaster. it lays much of the blame on its partners, transocean and halliburton. experts say the report is a preview of bp's likely legal strategy, as it faces billions of dollars in lawsuits. top officials in detroit are defending their handling of a series of fires in the city. residents complained that it took firefighters 90 minutes to respond in some cases. about 85 structures were burned in those fires which were apparently sparked by gusty winds and downed power lines. and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. the remnants of tropical storm
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hermi hermine. stormy from the dakotas to montana, with isolated tornadoes. showers in the pacific northwest and northern new england. >> cooling down in the northeast. with highs in the 70s from boston to baltimore. 90s across the gulf coast. and mostly 60s from detroit to fargo. it's just 62 in seattle. 72 in salt lake city. and 79 out in sacramento. still to come on this thursday morning, the man behind the controversy. a new york imam defends the plan to build a mosque near ground zero.
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employers may be ready to step up hiring. job openings rose in july for the first time in three months. the number of jobs advertised climbed more than 6%. but many experts worry the unemployed don't have the skills to fill those jobs, making it harder to lower the unemployment rate. also, households cut back on their borrowing again in july, as credit card use fell for the 23rd-straight month. the decline in borrowing and increase in savings are acting like a drag on the economy. let's get a check of market activities starting overseas. tokyo's nikkei average climbed 0.8%. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow rose 46 points yesterday. the nasdaq gained 20 points.
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toys "r" us is opening 600 pop-up stores for the holidays, taking advantage of all that open mall space. the retailer is hiring 10,000 workers to staff the stores. about half of them are already open, the rest opening by the end of october. most will close in january. but some could become permanent. mcdonald's has sold, of course, billions of burgers. but that doesn't mean it's the best-tasting burger. mcdonald's burger ranked dead-last in a recent online survey by "consumer report." respondents said it was the at least tasty in five changes. in-in-out duringer, five guys. >> i love five guys. glad it made the list. new opposition to the plan to burn copies of the koran. will the pastor planning the event back down? and the vice president thanks the troops on late-night tv.
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texans are cleaning up and drying out this morning, after getting slammed by the leftovers from tropical storm hermine. as we have been showing you, several tornadoes touched down in the dallas area, bringing down part of a strip mall. at least two people died in flash floods. and many others had to be rescued from their homes. lingering flooding from the morning commute, from dallas to oklahoma city. i-40 will also be drenched into little rock and memphis. flooding in the northern plains from fargo to billings. wet on i-5 in the pacific northwest. and on i-95 and 90, upstate new york and new england. >> if you are flying today, expect airport delays in seattle, salt lake city, kansas city, memphis and dallas. the outrage over a florida pastor's plans to burn the koran is now spreading around the world, with possible religious and political lines. >> so far, the criticism hasn't deterred pastor terry jones? the least.
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emily schmidt joins us with details. good morning, emery. >> reporter: good morning to you. two days from now, a pastor of a congregation that only has a couple dozen people, is planning an action in a the u.s. fears will have international backlash. so far, all of the warnings haven't led to my change. pastor terry jones says his small florida congregation, still plans to burn the koran this weekend. although, it seems most of the world disagrees. >> we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> reporter: sarah palin tweeted her opposition to jones. televangelist, pat robertson, criticized him on tv. >> this is stupid. >> reporter: the fbi says retaliation for koran burning is likely. and the state department ordered u.s. embassies to assess their security if jones goes ahead with their plan. >> we want to be judged by who we are as a nation. not by something that is so aberrational. and we'll make that case as strongly as possible.
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>> reporter: the burning is planned to take place on saturday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the cleric behind a proposed mosque and cultural center, tells cnn moving it now would give into radicals. >> we would not have done something that would create more divisiveness. our national security now, hinges on how we negotiate this. >> reporter: back in florida, an imam called on jones to change his mind. one more plea that so far is in vain. >> i told him, the world will admire your courage, if you come out and say, because of my devotion to christ and to the bible, i'm going to do the right thing. >> reporter: rauf also said he was shocked about the protests against the project. >> if i knew this would happen, that it could cause this kind of pain, i wouldn't have done it. >> reporter: in a new abc news poll, 26 million americans admitted feelings of prejudice against muslims. over half see islam as a
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peaceful religion. rob and vinita? >> emily schmidt in washington. thanks, emily. a new abc news poll overnight finds more americans are worried about the nation's security. 48% of americans in this poll says the country is safer now than it was before september 11th, 2001. that's down from two years ago. the poll finds 9/11 has strong resonance for most people. 64% say they think of that day often. a private contractor is denying allegations that it sent incompetent military translators to afghanistan, possibly endangering troops. a whistle-blower says failing grades were changed for translators who can make more than $200,000 a year. the company has a nearly $1.5 billion contract is under investigation. you can see the full report at new figures show fewer people are dying on the nation's highways, with last year's death
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toll dropping to the lowest level since 1950. traffic deaths fell 9.7% from 2008 to 2009. the decline is being attributed to seat belts, safer cars and tougher drunk driving laws. a star of the reality show "jersey shore" has been fined and sentenced to community service for disturbing the peace. she was lectured by the george who called her a lindsay lohan wannaby. he questioned whether she had staged the event for the show. it is time, now, for sports. here's steve weissman at espn news. >> good morning. i'm steve weissman with your espn news update. we begin with the tight race in the n.l. east. phillies starting wednesday in first place for the first time since late may. hosting florida. bottom four, two on for ryan howard. his second homer. 250th of his career. he's not done.
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9-0, philly. bottom seven, howard another base hit. shane victorino scores. phils win this one by a final of 10-6. so, can atlanta keep pace? looking to bounce back with a win on wednesday, and losing to the pirates the day before. derek lowe, laying down the bunt. daniel mccutcheon fields. throws it away. braves win 9-3. they remain a half-game behind philly in the n.l. east. time to hoop it up. spain taking on serbia. spain down five. juan carlos navarro. he led all scorers with 27. spain down two. mark gasol to the rack. 1-7 on threes at this point. pulling in from deep. serb ra, 92-89. 3.1 on the clock.
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jorge garbahosa, losing control. the reigning spain, the defending champs, now over. that is your espn news update. i'm steve wiseman. back to you in new york. you know what that means, vinita. football season, kicking off tonight. everybody is ready for a little football. including first lady, michelle obama. she showed off her skills in the city of the super bowl champs. >> i don't know if they can tell your tie has fleur-de-lises on it also. >> i'm in football mode. >> mrs. obama encouraged children to move at least an hour each day. it was an all-american homecoming for u.s. troops returning from iraq, thanks to two familiar faces. >> stephen colbert paid tribute to troops, with a diet of beer, ice cream and hot dogs. guess who he got to help serve
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up the hot dogs? none other than the vice president himself, joe biden. it was simply for the troops. very cool. >> to say the least. coming up next, the stories we'll be following today. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they'reiscovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit to see if you qualify for a full year of cost support. simponi™ can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious and sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, cancer in children and adults, heart failure, nerus system disorders, lir or blood problems, and allergic reactions. before starting simponi™, your doctor should test you for tb and assess your risk of infections, including fungal infections and hepatitis b. ask your doctor if you've been to a region
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northeast toward illinois. forecasters warn it will unload a lot more rain today. and trigger more dangerous flash flooding. some residents in boulder may be allowed back to their neighborhoods today, as crews continue to battle the worst wildfire in state history. florida pastor terry jones plans to burn the koran has u.s. embassies around the world bracing for the worst. the state department is ordering them to convene emergency action committees, to assess security ahead of pastor jones' actions this weekend. jews around the world celebrate the new year. and muslims mark the end of ramadan. and the nfl season begins tonight, with the super bowl champion stants taking on the vikings at the superdome. many schools and businesses will be closed for the celebration. >> who dat nation. coming up later today on "good morning america," the president sits down with george stephanopoulos, talking about the koran controversy and midr.
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he'll also get personal about the first lady and how they explain difficult issues to their daughters. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues right after this. [ woman ] i had this deep, radiating pain everywhere... and i wondered what it was. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain.
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finally this morning, stretching the truth about your waistline. >> it looks like many men are being kept in the dark when it comes to picking out the best-fitting pair of pants. it's a trend among retailers that is proving size really does matter. call it the tight truth. "esquire" magazine has discovered a secret technique used in the pantsmaking industry. it's called vanity sizing. in essence, what you think your waist size is in your favorite pair of slacks, in many cases is a big, fat lie. for example, the clothing megachain h&m size 35" pants are actually 37". and the gap leaves a gap in
4:29 am
their measurements, too. their 36" pants are missing 3 inches. and the biggest offender. old navy. their 36" dress pants have an accurate measurement of 41". so, we took to the streets to see if men have been suspicious of all of this vanity sizing. >> you know how it is. you work so hard to lose weight and be fit. they're telling you the wrong size. >> i'm hurt. i'm hurt. i mean, i honestly don't know. i think i would try it on. >> i notice from one brand to another, it's different. but not from one store to another, it's different. >> if they tell me i'm 31" and it fits and works, i'm 31". if they tell me 32" and it fits and works, i'm fine with that, too. >> reporter: but the white lies are not laughing matter. a report in the archives of internal medicine shows that men with waist sizes of

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